• Sidsel Lehn Mehlsen (Aarhus, Denmark, 1994) 

    I enjoy making beautiful images. Distilling sceneries into images and (re)coding them with new imaginaries, proposing different constellations of beauty. A common factor of my work is largely embedded in my process, reflections/layers, observing, projecting, depicting. Patterns and colours often form part of my visual language, treating thematics of temporalities, solitude and intimacy. In this context, photography has become my preferred medium of dissemination.

    The structures and norm sets we live by and adapt to are something I reflect on daily and consider in my artistic practice. Responding to my immediate surroundings, my work reflects a study of my own being in relation to these. I'm not aiming to create a particular viewer experience. Ultimately, the viewer experience becomes intimate, and it is up to the viewer them-self to define what significance is to be found. It can be characterised as an heirloom or a souvenir. A small object that does not necessarily boast, but can hold a certain value, meaning and hold more than one can immediately see.

    Photography as a way of thinking. Historically, photography has been reputed as a truthful medium depicting reality, but it also largely deals with staging and fictions. As an image-maker, I roam between this duality through creative interventions I can choose to express personal attitude shaping new contexts. In my practice a form of symbiosis is embedded, where both staging and randomness prevail.
  • Education

    2017-21: BFA at the Moving Image department, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, NL 2016: Basic course of carpentry at Next Education Copenhagen, DK 2015-16: VERA School of Art & Design, specialised in Photography, DK
    2013: Krabbesholm Højskole, specialised in Photography, DK


    2019 Rietveld VAV x Bimhuis, Bimhuis, Amsterdam, NL

    5400 - VAV FilmFest, NeverNeverLand, Amsterdam, NL
 Syndensgate, Sydnesgate 1, Bergen, NO

    Evolving II, Studio/K, Amsterdam, NL

    What Did You Expect?, NeverNeverLand, Amsterdam, NL
 2018 EC1 24H, Griffenfeldsgade 27, Copenhagen, DK

    2017 Emporium, Godsbanen, Aarhus, DK

    Åbning, Projektrum Vera, Copenhagen, DK

    25 days of Contemporary Art, Aarhus Artspace, Aarhus, DK
 Inside Out, Projektrum Vera, Copenhagen, DK

    2016 Copenhagen Photo Festival 2016, Projektrum Vera, Copenhagen, DK
 ANTONYM, Projektrum Vera, Copenhagen, DK

    2015 Ex: Periment, Projektrum Vera, Copenhagen, DK

    2013 DOPPELGÄNGER + SKIN, Green Is Gold, Copenhagen, DK

    Published works

    AF•ART Magazine, October, 2019

    Orange Press, Roskilde Festival Newspaper, 2017-2019
 Papercut Issues, March 2017

    AF•ART Magazine, February 2017

    Henfald, Denmark, September 2016